Founded in 1982, is committed to quality and personalized professional service. RDR is a privately owned corporation located in its present facility since 1989. Our skilled and creative staff bring an energy to each project which has allowed the company to substantially increase its ever growing client base.

David Wechsler, President and senior producer at RDR is a 36 year veteran of the video production industry.  Having worked for many Fortune 500 and smaller companies, David brings a strong level of experience and understanding to every project.  With a hands-on background in production and editing, David has the ability to communicate his clients’ needs to his professional staff.  His experience as both a producer and director, enables him to find ways to balance his client’s budget with creativity.  David and his wife Susan have been married for 39 years and have 3 children, Josh, Matt and Amy.

Brett Christophersen, RDR’s senior editor, began his career in Great Falls, Montana.  After stints as a cameraman for a local television station and as an editor in a privately held company, he joined RDR as a editor in 1997.  His remarkable ability to work under pressure, his product knowledge of the industry,  his creative skills and his ability to communicate with clients makes him an extraordinarily well rounded editor.  Brett has been married to Janet since 1998 and they are the proud parents of Brianna.

RDR's longevity has allowed us to create a network of skilled production field crew members including many of Chicago’s finest DP’s, gaffers, soundmen, best boys, grips, makeup artists and others who contribute greatly to our success.  Additional, our knowledge base of local professional on-camera and voiceover talent means that we are a full service video production company that can provide for your every need.